Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie


Most people when I mention smoothies either think of those sugar-laden “power drinks” you can get in shops at the mall or in town or they just think, forget about it. Smoothies get a bad rap as too much work or just plain gross. I’m here to show you neither have to be true. In the video, I’m making a smoothie that’s heavy on parsley, an often under-used but delicious herb that has anti-inflammatory Super Powers. I’m also using a pretty junky blender that I got for twenty-nine bucks at Target so if I can make a drink smooth enough anyone can. Finally, the second video has my very picky taste-testing husband who often calls what we drink “yard clippings” so if he gives you the thumbs-up, you know it can’t be so bad. Watch and see. Then scroll down for the recipe and try it yourself. Oh, and don’t worry. I won’t make you endure a minute of watching and listening to ‘blending’ time. (Don’t you hate those videos?!?) That’s why there are two shots-before and after. So see for yourself and come back and tell us what you think or visit us on Facebook to give us your honest opinion-we can take it.Continue Reading