Great Disney Clothes at Kohl’s- Giveaway!

griffdisneysignI have dreamed of taking my family to Disney Parks since my oldest was 2 and began her obsession with all things Princesses (and Charlie & Lola of course). I have planned the trip a million times and each time we have to use the money for something else.

When I got invited to the Disney Social Media Moms conference this year I was over the moon, figuring this would be the time I could finally make all our dreams come true. Because the Conferences was being held in Disneyland, it would have required cross-country flights for my crew,  which turned out to be out of the budget. This means I finally went to Disneyland, but I didn’t bring my kids. Bummer.

Needless to say I had quite a bit of mommy guilt leading up to the trip so when I was given the opportunity to go to Kohl’s to purchase items from the new Magic at Play Disney Apparel line from Jumping Beans, well, I jumped at the chance. I figured the next best thing to meeting Mickey might be wearing Mickey. At least that’s what I hoped.

Jumping Beans makes clothes for babies through size 7 so only my youngest benefitted. For a kid who has an older brother, he has very few clothes that are new, so this was a pretty good deal for him.

I am usually not a branded-clothes type of mom. My mother passed on her aversion to buying anything that looked like advertising for another company, so I tend to shy away from clothes for my kids that are obviously anything. I was pleasantly surprised at the Magic at Play line. So pleasantly suprised I wanted to buy the whole line for my boy! Oh, and don’t even get me started on the little girl stuff. The tutus!GriffDisneytutus

The adorable Minnie dresses!

KohlsJumpingBeansGirlsI couldn’t get enough. My niece might have made out like a bandit if I hadn’t already bought her her fill of tutus recently.
For the boys, the clothes were all athletic styles, so it fit my rough and tumble only-likes-cotton-man perfect. What fit me perfectly is that the Disney design was subtle and classic. The t-shirts looked like the old-time (ok, my childhood old-time) Disney apparel with banded sleeves and Mickey sans glitter or sparkle.

See that smile back there? I think he approved of my choices.

See that smile back there? I think he approved of my choices.

I loved every piece and had to narrow it down to avoid spending all my money. The prices were reasonable, but not if I wanted to buy the entire collection!

We finally settled for a few pairs of Mickey shorts and the cutest Mickey tshirt that made my other kids jealous. Clearly he was happy with my choices.GriffDisney

I’m not sure he took them off the whole time I was away.
I may not have gotten to take my kids to Disneyland (yet!) but at least they got a little Mickey close to their hearts while I was gone, thanks to Kohls and Jumping Beans Magic at Play line!

Interested in outfitting your own little mouse in some fantastic Disney Jumping Beans gear? Leave a comment below and enter to win a Kohls gift card. Winners will be announced after Easter. Comments must be on the blog-not Facebook! If you want an extra entry or two? Go like ReinventionGirl on Facebook and Follow @RitzKing on twitter. Then come back and tell me in the comments below.

I was given a gift card for Khols to help with this review. All opinions are my own. 

Where to Begin?

Toontown at Night

Toontown at Night

Whoa. I have a lot to tell you people. I’ve just spent the last few days in California immersed in the Magical World of Disney at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. So much happened that I want to share but I’m just home to a house full of kids that, for budget reasons, could not attend with me.

So, I must spoil them extra rotten today as they have handled missing out on the Mouse quite well. (I may have promised them a trip next spring. Ruh Roh!)  This means I will get to the recap and revelations from this weekend soon. I will tell you that I ran through a Princess Castle on an injury, road coasters like a kid, spent time with some Bears, hung out with good friends, met some old ones, and had plenty of time to think, calculate and analyze. Oh,  and while I was away our house was transformed. As you can imagine, there is plenty of fodder for this ole’ blog. I promise I’ll be back soon with more.

For now, enjoy some of Flo’s finest dancing in Radiator Springs.

Time to Fly


I’m writing with my head in the clouds. Literally. I’m on a plane on my way to Los Angeles for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. A million years ago when I started blogging, they began this conference for a very small amount of attendees. It is an incredible opportunity to learn and play from and with Disney for a few days with a ridiculously affordable package that allows you to bering your family along. That first year, I waited in an online cue for hours to register only to have to decline my spot because we had no money so even the ridiculously affordable package was more than we could afford.
After that first year it became invitation only and I never scored an invitation. I had finally given up hope, figuring I’d never be among the cool kids at the conference. Just as I made peace with this, I noticed a suspicious email in my inbox one day and sure enough, my first invite to the conference was awaiting just as I had stopped looking!
The catch this year is that it isn’t in Florida, but rather they are taking us to where it all began, sunny California and Disneyland.
I anguished over the decision for days because while the Disney part of this trip is still affordable, the airfare for five was not. So, I debated declining my invite but The Husband in all his supportive glory encouraged me to go and enjoy the time learning and playing solo.
So here I sit. After an insane early week juggling work and school at a really, really busy time, I am finally on the plane to the most magical place on earth.
I have been to Disneyland once in my life. I was seventeen years old and with my mom and sister on the start of a trip that would take us north up the coast of California. The trip itself was incredible but Disneyland was mostly me riding rides solo while mom and sis looked on.
I’m excited to go again and experience the place as a mom. Even though my babes aren’t with me, they have sent their enthusiasm for all things Disney with me so I’ll experience the park with whole new eyes. I have requests for who I have to see, the characters I have to look for and what rides I have to exprience.
I can’t wait to learn. I can’t wait to play and I can’t wait to bring it all back to my own little Disney fans at home.
Now I just have to survive the cross country flight. So far, wifi is helping!

Just Keep Swimming?

oppositeofmaybeThe Husband described me once as a shark. He meant it as a compliment. According to him (which might mean it’s totally untrue) sharks have to keep moving forward in order to breathe. Like I said, it might be a totally made up fact about sharks, but it makes for a good metaphor and there is nothing The Husband likes more than a good metaphor.

I was pretty proud of that description when The Husband first gave it to me. I have always fancied myself someone who can move on from things like pain and disappointment without allowing them to hinder any growth. For me, life is all about growing and anything that might get in the way of that needs to be faced head on so that it can be dealt with and put away. I make decisions after thorough, but quick research and I don’t look back. I don’t hold grudges. I don’t spend time with regret. I analyze. I learn. I move on. Like a shark, I keep moving forward for fear of losing my breath.

I’ve been pondering lately if I still want to be a shark. I mean, I do appreciate my resiliency and ability to make a life wherever I land after a fall. But lately, I’ve been wondering if I wouldn’t benefit from treading water for a bit; slowing down to notice where I am, feeling things for a little longer and then looking to see whether the direction I’ve chosen as forward is really the correct one. I see no need to go back and dredge up, but there may be something to staying still, or at least swimming in circles long enough to think about a new route.

This all sounds very vague, as if it is hinting toward there being some giant problem to solve. That is not the case. Everything  here is pretty solid right now actually. I just stop sometimes and question where I am going and now, while I have no desire to swim backward, I think there may be some benefit to staying still.

I wonder what The Husband knows about sharks breathing when still. Let’s hope his big book of metaphors says what I need.
This post was inspired by the novel  The Opposite of Maybe by Maddie Dawson. At the age of 44, Rosie finds herself suddenly single and pregnant. She tries to hide in her grandmother’s home, but meets two men that will change her life forever. Join From Left to Write on April 8 we discuss The Opposite of Maybe. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.