Mini-Van…Well Two Songs

carradio2This week has been nutty! I started school last week, the new job Monday, walked in a fashion show Wednesday at an incredible event I’ll tell you all about soon and then celebrated The Girl’s birthday on Thursday. I’d love to write more today about all of it, but I have to go finish a paper on Compassion Fatigue for school because Saturday (which I deemed study day) will be spent in training for my new gig. Basically, my brain hurts so I’ll fill you in on Fashion Forward very soon but for now I’ll leave you with two songs I am loving this week. My short commute leaves good time for radio discoveries. Here are two that I don’t know how I ever lived without! The second one even inspired some kitchen dancing Thursday night. Epic.

Have a great weekend. Dance on!

Darius Rucker-Radio: If you hate country music, listen anyway. If you were ever in high school, if you ever drove your friends around in an ’83 Toyota Corolla Wagon (or something like it), if you’ve ever spent a Saturday night  or a Sunday afternoon too broke for anything but driving around you will love this song. THIS is why I love music: you’re never too poor for radio. I’m instantly transported to New Hampshire Avenue at various points in my life. It’s a great coincidence that I first heard this song on the road I take to work that reminds me very much of “way out” NHA. If only I was 17 again!


Avicii-Wake Me Up: I actually wish you could hear this song without the video because it kind of wrecked it for me. I mostly love the sound of this guy’s voice and the line, “All this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost.” So, maybe just read what I wrote and like the song for itself without the weird old-timey-girl who goes to a rave in NYC and comes back Eastern European. See? Weird.

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