The Target Red Card: A First Step

TargetBTSFor the last five years we have been working to pay off an astronomical amount of debt. Much of that debt came from living on a credit card for the better part of two years after I left my job. (Yes, I know how stupid that is, please don’t leave comments with financial gurus I should read. I’ve already read them.)

Needless to say we had closed all of our credit card accounts and I had gotten very adept and averting my eyes and quickly shaking my head no when anyone asked if I wanted to save whatever percent today by signing up for a store card. This was particularly hard at Target, where I seem to shop more often than I bathe sometimes. (Kidding…maybe.) Oh, how I wanted loyalty coupons and a 5% discount every time. But, no. No credit cards for this girl.

One of the behaviors of financially successful people who I’ve read about on the sites of those very same financial gurus you are dying to tell me about is that of people using their credit cards for them. I mean, there is something to be said for getting 20% off or loyalty or points to pay for trips and clothes. I just never figured I’d be that kind of person.

Then I listened extra-close one day at the checkout counter and heard the lovely Target lady (no, not Kristen Wiig) say the magic words, “Target DEBIT card.” Wait, what?

Yep, I could be one of those people and not even have to sign up for a credit card. I signed up on the spot and have since used that bad boy to save myself 5% multiple times. Not to mention the awesome coupon pack I got this year at back-to-school time which saved me some addition cash.

I’m starting to figure out what I should have known years ago-how to make my money work for me. One small step feels like this little red card. I’m all for loyalty programs that give back to the buyer, especially when they’re at the store I see more than my shower. (Kidding…kind of.)


** Full dicslosure-this is NOT a sponsored post, (Oh, how I wish Target was on my team.) but I was invited to a Target back to school event where the kids and I got a sneak preview of all their fun BTS clothes and accessories (like the cool stilleto tape dispenser in the picture). That said, they didn’t ask me to write about anything. I just really did this freakin’ Red Card so much I wanted to share-especially if you’re skeptical. I’m here to tell you, from what I can see, no strings, just savings.

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  1. DQ says

    The debit card option always gave me pause; I wanted to know what the catch is. It’s good to hear from a reputable source that there are actual savings being offered.

    • Cristie says

      I was the same way. I actually asked the checkout lady the other day why Target would even bother. She shrugged and smiled.;) My husband says loyalty is worth 5%. Since we were both shopping at Target for school supplies-for the first time-I suspect he is on to something.