Colgate Mouthwash Helps Us Swish for Wishes

CB-sponsored-post-green-script-600The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of those great charities I love to support and pray every day I never need to use. Make-A-Wish will grant a wish to a child diagnosed with a life-threatening disease on the average of every 38 minutes. Why wouldn’t I want to support that?

When Colgate announced they were going to combine the launch of their Colgate Total® Advanced Pro-Shield™ mouthwash with an event in Times Square designed to make money for Make-a-Wish, I was all over it.


The idea behind our gathering in the blazing heat was to break the Guinness Book record for most people “swishing” at once. For every participant, Colgate donated a dollar to Make-a-Wish, so the more the merrier, right?


While we gathered in Times Square, waiting to fill our little corner with swishers, we listened to a great DJ, took silly photos and just generally had a good time waiting for our turn to break records and raise money for a great cause.colgatewish3

When the clock ticked down, we gathered our supplies and swished, simultaneously, for fifteen seconds, all the while raising thousands of dollars to go toward granting sick kids’ wishes. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.


The event was great, but I was also intrigued by the Colgate Mouthwash. As a mom who struggles every single day to get her kids to brush their teeth, (what is that all about?!?) I am always on the hunt to get shortcuts to clean teeth and fresh breath. Colgate Total® Advanced Pro-Shield™  seemed like something I should try.


So, I headed to the Walgreens a block from our event to buy a bottle to bring home. Of course, Walgreens was decked out as only a drug store located in Times Square can get away with.


#ColgateWish #Cbias

There was another DJ.


And of course, red sparkly signs. What else should we expect from a store located almost underneath the New Year’s Ball?



Oh, maybe a professional photographer with a step and repeat. Of course! Now, I just needed to remember I was there to buy some Colgate Mouthwash.


Lucky for me Colgate had an entire display and lovely women handing out coupons. So, not only did I buy a bottle, with my coupon and my Walgreens points, I got it for a pretty great discount, which always makes me smile.



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    I’m with you – any product or tool that can make brushing less of a challenge with the kiddos is solidly on my list! Add to that the ability to support a great cause like Make A Wish foundation – no reason not to join in! Thanks so much for sharing your fun!