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I’ve been a frugal shopper for some time now, but I lack in preparedness sometimes when it comes to food and drugstore shopping. I’ve been trying to get better at looking for coupons and taking advantage of bargains, when I go to these stores . Last week, I had some Duane Reade gift cards so I wanted to go there to get some summer shopping done. We always need to stock up on things for the beach and in the name of fiscal responsibility, I figured I could use gift cards and Balance Rewards for those purchases.

Sometimes, shopping ahead of time for the beach is a problem because I often don’t know what I need until I need it. This is our fourth year at our beach club and every year I think I’m prepared until I get there and wish I had this or that.

This time, I decided to look the the DR Happy & Healthy Magazine for some inspiration and maybe even a coupon or two.


If only using this would make me look like Fergie.

The first thing I spotted in the magazine was a coupon for something called heel balm. With flip flop season upon me and old(er) age getting to me, I need all the help I can get with my feet. So, heel cream it is! I even saved a buck using a coupon from Happy & Healthy.

Heel Balm and Flip Flops-Summer BFF.

Heel Balm and Flip Flops-Summer BFF.

Totally unrelated to summer, except that it provides beach waves, I was psyched when I came across The Conair Curl Evolution, revolving curling iron. I had tried this miraculous little thing at an event in NYC a few weeks back and have been mildly obsessed ever since, but could not find it in any store I looked. Of course, I should have known I could count on Duane Reade to make my day with not just the curling iron, but a way lower price than I’d seen it online. Score one for beach waves!


There was a huge spread in Happy & Healthy with the deLish and Nice! brand snacks as well. I know I’ve confessed my love of any store who names their products Nice, so I couldn’t resist stocking up on some nuts and trail mix snacks that are Nice for beach bags. (Get it? Get it? Cheesy pun totally intended.)drnice

I ended my Happy & Healthy trip, which you can see more of in my photo book on google+, with some UrgentRX as I could feel an allergy headache coming on and there was still a long day ahead of me. Thank goodness I found this stuff before. It’s become a staple in my handbag every since our Thursday night excursion weeks ago and it’s the perfect addition to our beach bag as well.


Hello Rewards Points. Now THAT’s Nice!

There you have it, once again, Duane Reade helps me to be Happy and Healthy in New York City. (Not to mention earn tons of rewards points!)

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    Hooray for beach days! Nothing more healing than that, unless, of course, you forget an important essential! Glad to hear that Duane Reade has Mom’s back – always some great new way to make New York living easier! I can’t say that I blame you for stocking up on the snacks – the all natural blueberry pomegranate trail mix sounds delicious! Thanks so much for sharing your puns and your finds :)