Tuesday Talk: Quick Dinner

The Husband is back to work this week (yay!) which means I now have to make up for the eight weeks I neglected my own job. I have clients and writing assignments and I’m writing a book (yeah, more on that later.) so I’m beyond capacity with stuff to do every day. Needless to say when I went grocery shopping yesterday, not only was I trying to stay within an unemployed budget (for another couple weeks at least), I knew I wouldn’t have time or the mental capacity for any thing fancy, so some quick dinners are in the works.

Watch and see what’s on tonights menu. Here’s a hint:

Then leave a comment with your favorite go-to quick meals.


If you want a recipe for basic stir fry, check out this one on Real Life Wellness. Enjoy your dinner!


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  1. says

    That sounds great! What sauce do you like to stick to with stir fry? I tend to prefer savory vs sweet, but I didn’t know if you have a bottled sauce you’ll use in a pinch.

  2. says

    Looks yummy! I cant wait to hear about this book :).
    PS – I think my emails to W1 might be going into a bulk folder bc I am not getting any response from any of my messages to u or Joan over past few weeks… can you email me please when you get a chance? Nothing important… just a Q…THX :)