International Women’s Day, Celebrate Right

Last week on PBS, I watched the the documentary Makers about the history of the women’s movement in this country. It was a welcome reminder to me of all the sacrifices and work that my sisters and mother and grandmothers before me have done to ensure that I have the right to pursue the life I choose.

I call it a reminder because I often forget to think about who has come before me. t’s not that I take these women for granted. Quite the opposite actually. It’s that today, rather than looking back,  I’m focused on all that we still have to do either here in this country or around the world. Sometimes, that means I forget how far we’ve come.

I shouldn’t forget, but I, no we, should also not think the work is done. Yes, we have come a long way here in the United States but we still have far to go. More importantly, it is our responsibility to continue the work to ensure the same forward motion takes place across the globe. Women everywhere deserve to be treated with respect and diginity.


Today is International Women’s Day. I bet some of you didn’t even know that. Well it is and across the globe there will be events and stories to inspire and celebrate the achievements of women. You can learn more about the day on this site and you can read any of my recent M.a.D posts to learn more about some of the remarkable organizations that women have created to promote their sisters all around the world.

Women are worth celebrating. More than one day a year.

What will you do today to celebrate women? Let us know in the comments below.




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