What’s On My Playlist This Week

It’s been some time since I’ve posted a mini-van mix but never fear, I’ve had some new tunes on repeat for a while now. Let me be clear, the music is new on our playlist, not necessarily new. We’ve been playing the heck out of them recently. You know how I love to beat a song to death. The Husband got me a Jambox speaker for Christmas so we’ve had even more music than usual playing ’round these parts.

Here’s what coming from our speaker this week.


Imagine Dragons- It’s Time: Lots of new music lately makes me think of late 80s early 90s “alternative” sounds. This is one of ’em.


Eric Hutchinson-The Basement: Talk about harkening back. This guy has an old soul. Just try not to clap along!


Grouplove-Tongue Tied:Are you sensing a theme? Perhaps I’m just missing high school.


City and Colour-The Girl: The lead singer’s name is Dallas Green. Get it? City and Colour. What can I say, I’m a sucker for cutely creative. Also, this song has so much going on-the lyrics and music are fantastic- it’s hard not to love.


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