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  1. Cathy says

    One more thing…sometimes I just can’t stop posting! I definitely know for certain that the laundry, dishes, work, etc. will be there, but the time won’t. It’s okay to leave the laundry or put off errands to play and enjoy time with your kids. All of the other stuff will always be there, but you can’t get the time with your children back so I say forget the housework and laugh and play and love! (and if you were ever to stop by my house unannounced you would know that this definitely my motto! haha or maybe just an excuse not to do housework!)

  2. says

    What I know; No matter what – we’re messing our kids up in some way. Just like our own parents left us with baggage of one kind of another, too. But the thing to remember is: as long as you’ve done your best, as long as your kids know they are loved – no matter what — then whatever messing-them-up-ness you’ve done…well, it can’t be that bad.

    • Cristie says

      That’s a great point Nancy! We always do the therapy math after we’ve done sometime particularly angst worthy with our kids. You’re right, no matter how much we try, they’ll inevitably hate us for something and then come around to realize we’re not so bad after-all. I hope anyway.

  3. Cathy says

    Trust your instincts! And don’t worry what the latest books are saying, what people are saying etc. You know your kids and you know your family. Always do what is right for you whether it’s a “popular” choice or not. And realize that tantrums are always worse from the inside looking out, not the other way around. All parents have been through tantrums and it’s never as worse as it feels to you. Also in the midst of a tantrum the more agitated and flustered you get the more everything spirals, so take a deep breathe and try the best to divert their attention (a good tickle seems to work for me) or bribes work (haha) or just ride it out. It won’t last forever!

  4. says

    My universal truth is to stop, slow down, and listen when it’s the hardest. Like when you are late, jamming backpacks in the car, holding jackets w/your teeth, and milk spills alll over a carseat. Before reacting, breathe in deeply and slow down. Listen to the youngest who is desperately trying to reach her seatbelt buckle to no avail which caused her to spill the milk all bc she felt the need to rush too.

    Maybe it’s just me, but listening instead of reacting seems to be the yoga for us when things are busiest.

    That, and go to bed before 10.. Sleep a freaking lot if you are grumpy, working out, eating right and still tired as poop. Chances are, even 6,10, 15 yrs later, you’re still missing sleep along the way and good solid sleep helps balance me and my nerves.