Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

I’m a wee bit late today. My apologies. I was heading into the city this morning to audition again for Listen to Your Mother, or the activity I like to refer to as my Annual Exercise in Futility. I don’t imagine I’ll ever get picked. I auditioned in between a working actor and Tracy from Lost in Suburbia who just published another book. I mean, c’mon.

Instead of being discouraged though, I decided I would just be proud of the company I got to keep today. I mean, I have pretty much cyber-stalked Tracy since I arrived in New Jersey four years ago. She’s hilarious and supremely talented and sometimes I think she reads my mind with what she writes. I’d never in a million years imagine she’d know me, so the fact that I just chatted with her like we’re old friends? I’d call that a bit of running with big dogs, which is just enough for me today.

So-back to snacks! Let’s talk about what’s important shall we? No one cares about my professional life. You all just want to know what I put in my kids lunch boxes. I’m embarrassed by how much this plagues me. I want to be healthy. But I also want them to actually eat and not trade and most importantly I want it to be fast, darnit.

So, see what I’m giving my kids and then leave in the comments what you’re giving yours. Please? Pretty, please? We all need ideas people!

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  1. Cathy says

    Totally off topic, but you look awesome so even if you did not get the “Listen To Your Mother” you look great! :)

    • Cristie says

      You’re very kind, Cathy! I think I finally found a spot of good lighting in my house-after 100 horrible videos!

    • Cristie says

      Clementines! Yes, someone else said those and I can’t believe I forgot. They are great. I love them too.

  2. Crystal D says

    First, HI pretty!!

    Second, I don’t love what I send them with. Typically is a granola bar or some kind of bunny cracker. They do take small apples when we have them and when we don’t have loose teeth (which seems like ALWAYS) Amelia lost a tooth today in gym class. I’d love to be able to send nuts, but both classes have nut allergies.

    • Cristie says

      The nut thing is killer. Might I suggest cutting apples? It’s a bit more of a pain but it takes the teeth thing out of the equation.