Talking Make-Up Must Haves

The Traveling Pants of Lipstick. Red for everyone.

Sometimes, a girl needs a bag of tricks. I have needed more tricks than most lately because my once beautiful skin (I’m not being cocky, it was beautiful once upon a time) has become problem skin with the double whammy of dryness and crazy adult acne. UGH! Sadly, my bag of tricks has been = missing something for quite some time. I have had things that have come close, but nothing that make me dance with joy, until now. Now, Laura Gellar has me singing a happy tune. Watch and find out why. Be warned, I get a little over-excited when it comes to good makeup. Forgive the gushing.

After you watch, go visit Laura Geller’s website and getcha some for yourself. What is your makeup go-to? What have you found that you can’t live without? Please, share it in the comments below. I need all the help I can get!






* I was given products from Laura Geller for review. All opinions are my own and in this case they are all ravingly good opinions.

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  1. JRitz says

    Of course it’s MK day solution and anti-aging lotion. Along with a little of MK mineral eyeshadow and blush.

  2. Mallorie says

    I am obsessed with Urban Decay’s Eden Eye Primer, Bare Mineral’s Mineral Veil, and MAC’s gel liner. Now I need to try that Laura Gellar red. I have another of her lips that I love!