When Did Abs McShoulders Move in to My House?

Adios Chicken Legs

It’s been a heavy week around here with posts, so today it’s pure fun. Here’s what’s fun:

Since The Husband has been out of work, he’s taken to working out every day. I’m impressed with his dedication and feeling pretty bad about my own reluctance to move more. But I digress.

We’ve been together nearly 20 years and while I have always considered him a handsome man, buff is not the word anyone would have used to describe him. He’s long and lean, which is a kind way of saying-skinny. He has cafe-mocha eyes that one can drown in and a quite lovely face. His height is attractive, especially to a big-girl who puts a premium on feeling small.  But for 20 years he’s weighed less than me and I haven’t always been big. Skinny, that’s the word.

At least it was.



Eight weeks of the INSANITY workout and there are shoulders and abs and calves that can no longer be described as “chicken-like”. I believe his weight might even surpass mine soon.

It’s weird. I’m not sure I ever thought he could look the way he does. He’s never been big into working out. He’ll run and stay fit enough not to have me nag him about doctors’ visits, but he’s not the guy who buys weights or reads fitness magazines. So, this is an unexpected turn of events. I walked through the room today and witnessed him mid workout. Um…

Talk about marrying on potential. I may have just hit the jackpot.

Who is this man and what has he done with my husband?

Actually, I don’t care. I just hope he gets to stay.


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