Look and Feel 7 Years Younger

Looking younger? Feeling younger? Aren’t those great thoughts? I’ll admit, I’ve never been one to worry too much about aging from a visual standpoint. I’m the youngest of six, five girls, so you could say I’ve seen my future. My sisters all look younger than their age, so it seems I’ve been genetically blessed, from a skin perspective at least.

What I’m not, is genetically blessed from a health standpoint. Everyone in my family has “something” and of course both parents died from Cancer, so as you might imagine, I’ve spent the better part of my life looking for preventative measures in health. I don’t want to accept that I’ll “just get” anything, no matter how old I get or how much everyone else gets it before me. I know genes are powerful, but I’ve also seen first hand we don’t always have to accept their fate.

So, I was intrigued when I was asked to review a copy of 7 Years Younger: The Revolutionary 7-Week Anti-Aging Plan by the editors of Good Housekeeping. They don’t call it a diet book, they call it a Revolutionary Anti-Aging plan and that is exactly what it is. Whether you’re trying to stop or reverse aging or you could care less about what the calendar says, 7 Years Younger is a great plan for everyone who wants to live healthier and do what they can to prevent sickness and disease that may come with age.

Let’s talk about Good Housekeeping for a minute. I am a huge fan of the magazine, which admittedly, made me feel like an old lady at first. But I’ve seen firsthand it is not my mama’s magazine anymore. The design is fresh, the perspectives are familiar and it is anything but stodgy. The one thing that’s remained about GH while it’s changed with the times, it it’s commitment to its readers.

Denise Albert of The MOMS with the famous “seal”

I’ve come to trust Good Housekeeping over the years as far as product reviews and reference because I know they do the work behind the seal. Now, they’re not looking out for everything little thing I care about as far as food and additives and production go, but for the most part what they recommend in any area, from home to skin to food,  you can trust that they’ve done some serious due dilligence before putting their stamp on it. I mean the actual stamp, The Good Housekeeping Seal, is something that has to be earned through rigorous testing and real-person reviews. They stand behind what they endorse (with an actual gaurantee!)and not because they only endorse paid advertisers but because they’ve done the work to know something is good. So, when it comes to what Good Housekeeping puts their name on, I had no trouble trusting what was inside this boo. As an added bonus, they got Dr. Oz to endorse it and I’m a sucker for The Oz so when he says it works, I’m all over it. (Goodbye skim milk.) As if all of this weren’t enough, I had the pleasure to meet some of the women behind the book and they were all clearly committed to making the lives of reader’s better without pushing any other agenda.

Samantha Cassetty and some of her amazing recipes from the book, explaining her methods behind the diet portion of 7YY

Let’s get back to the book. Seven Years Younger is not a diet plan, it’s a blueprint for a better life. It addresses more than just food. Of course, there is a diet plan because let’s face it, women seek out diet plans. We all want to be in better shape than we are so we’d be kidding ourselves if we said we wanted a book that didn’t address our eating. And, while as a health coach and a true believer in the buck stopping at your mouth, I was all over the food portion, what I truly love about 7YY is that the plan encompasses whole life changes. My favorite part is that the plan is accessible to anyone AND you can do it forever. It is not a strict, pinpoint model that you can’t possibly succeed with for long.  The eating plan from 7YY includes changes and adjustments that we all can and should make no matter what outcome we seek. In fact, it looks a lot like what I recommend to clients as a lifelong plan. Perhaps my only complaint is that if my clients find this book they may tell me to take a hike!

7 Years younger also addresses some other conundrums that those of us past 22 may be facing. There is a skin care and makeup section that will benefit everyone. There is exercise advice, stress busting tactics and just overall great information for how to live a healthier, younger-feeling life.

Finally, the book is beautifully put together by a team of expert women (no offense Dr. Oz) who provide the confidence that they’ve all be there, done that and know exactly what we need to hear. If I had a Right Hand Mom seal, I’d give it to this book because I think you should go out and try the plan and you’ll feel great for doing it. You may even look seven years younger.

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