The Wonder of Making Bread

Sometimes, you can forget the wonder of everyday life when you’re busy and moving and going, going all the time. That nearly happened here.

About two years ago, I decided I would do my utmost to stop buying bread for my kids. They eat sandwiches every day for lunch and I just couldn’t get over the amount of crap on the labels on even the healthiest of breads. So I adopted my sister’s bread maker and changed the way we ate. I loved that machine. I even wrote about cheating on my man because of bread. The breadmaker was my gateway to scratch bread and now I even have my own recipe I use that pleases the whole clan (this week).

It’s gotten so commonplace, that making bread has become just another chore. In my more defiant weeks, I buy a store bought loaf and swear I’ll never knead another pile of dough for as long as I live. But then other days, I relish the near meditative state that can come from the kneading and rolling. I take the time to slow down and marvel at the fascinating chemistry at work when the yeast foams or the tiny blob of dough rises into a genuine loaf. On good days, bread is a metaphor for life. I have to slow down. I have to be patient and most of all, I have to trust the process, even if the current evidence suggests failure, time and faith will yield exactly what I need to be nourished and full.

That is wonder.

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  1. says

    I learned to make bread last year and it is one of those things that I wonder why I didn’t learn to do it sooner. I love it. And while I don’t make it all the time, I make it enough that my kids like it better than store-bought. That’s at least something!

    • Cristie says

      That is more than something. That is impressive any time you make it. And I agree, it is easier than I ever imagined so I too kick myself when I don’t do it more often.

  2. says

    I love making bread. I find it relaxing, and it fills the house with a smell that’s to die for. Honestly I didn’t start doing it because of the crap in store bread, but I guess that’s a fringe benefit. I mostly just love the taste – and the process.

    • Cristie says

      Yes, the smell! I love it too but it’s like the gym or running, I have to remind myself that I love it when I’m avoiding getting started.

  3. says

    Ah, how right you are. There is something extremely peaceful about the scents and kneading and pride in baking your own bread. I think I may do that today.

    I love your gallery!