Talky Talk Tuesday: Laughter

I’ve always been the girl who loves gallows humour. I mean, how else can someone get through life’s ups and downs without a little levity? The first few days of this new year have found me seeking out humour in spades. I love silly television like The New Girl. That show makes me ugly laugh-snorts and all. I don’t care if people hate her. I don’t care if it’s not in the least bit intellectually stimulating. A half hour with those folks and I not only have tighter abs, I can actually feel my mood life-endorphins from belly laughing are a powerful force. I love funny songs like this one, about Thrift Shop Pimp Style. Hilarious, right? Who thinks of that? I have learned to seek blogs like MamaPop in times of great need because nothing is better than celebrity snark. Mostly, I love my girlfriends who can make me stomach ache just by talking about every day life.

See what else I have to say on the topic here then share what you do to make yourself laugh!  It is the best medicine, after all.

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  1. Cindy says

    Cristie, So sorry to hear about your recent challenges. We have been down that road before and thankfully have been out of it for some time. I am sure the husband will find something great. He is a really great guy.

    As for the laughs, this will sound crazy… a family game of Charades (sp?) always cracks me up. We are definately not great actors and some of the things we try to act out or some of the guesses are hillarious. (Imagine the boy in our house acting out Lady Gaga, or my visiting sister trying to be a toaster. Not kid friendly but the grown ups played Cranium after the kids were off to bed. Its a fun game. My FIL and husband had to act out the word “missionary”. It was not always the PG version and my MIL and I were horrible at guessing. I still laugh. PS-that is another great game with or without kids. ) Anyway, it helps the whole family to laugh together and sometimes our kids would rather play a game as a family than watch TV. – Cindy

    • Cristie says

      Thanks Cindy! We just got a charades game as a hostess gift for Christmas and played an “accidental” game when my kids picked it up after dinner. You’re right-it was hilarious for every single one of us. Perhaps we need to institute a weekly game night to get through this (hopefully short-lived) time of stress!