Virtual Piggy-My Santa Wishlist Helper

I’ve written here before about how I get stressed out playing Santa and this year is no different. All three kids still believe and while there is magic in that, it mostly makes me crazy. Trying to keep track of wish lists that are almost never written lists but rather wishes shouted into the air that of course, “Santa can hear because he hears everything” is enough to drive a mom to Grinch.

So, when I heard about the site Virtual Piggy I was intrigued. Virtual Piggy is far more than an online wishlist, it is a site where parents can promote savvy online shopping by setting kids up with controlled and secure accounts that they can use to shop online, often using discount codes offered through part of the Virtual Piggy MVP Program.

This way the parents still hold (tightly in my case) to the purse strings, but can give the kids just enough freedom to begin learning responsible spending and saving. I will for sure visit this site more as my kids are getting old enough to want to spend and save their allowance money.

The Wish List feature is great right now because my kids can browse online and add items to their wishlists just by using the “PiggyPin” on their toolbar. I can then see the lists and share them via email with all those eager aunts and uncles who also want a share of the Santa gig. Think of this as the online equivalent of sharpie markers and Toys R Us catalogs. Our tech-savvy kids are so beyond catalog circling, right? **

Check out Virtual Piggy if you need a little help being Santa this time of year or even if you just want a little help teaching economics to your offspring. Either way, the Pig’s the Word.

** If your child makes a wish list before December 14th, they may be randomly selected for $50 gift cards to “Win their Wishlist”. So let them browse and maybe check some of that list off, thanks to Virtual Piggy.  


This is a sponsored post from Splash Creative Media on behalf of Virtual Piggy. All opinions are my own. 

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