Mini-Van Mix: Lyrically Speaking

There is something about this time of year that makes me  musically ache for singer-songwriters. I can’t get enough of slow guitars or fast banjoes. I love clear piano keys,  thinking-girl lyrics and the sound of those little wire brush thingies on a drum. Perhaps it’s all the time I spend in my kitchen during this time. These songs make me sway slow or prance quick in my apron. They make my heart either hurt or soar. They warm my soul like that coffee and cream in the first video. The Husband should take note of a few, because these tunes melt me like butter. My one warning and the thing I need to watch carefully, each of these strikes a craving for red wine and cigarettes-or at least a smoky club. Luckily, I haven’t smoked regularly in years and smoky clubs are hard to come by these days so I think I’m safe, except for perhaps a glass of Malbec at lunch.


Amos Lee-Arms of a Woman: I mean, this man? I can’t… I don’t… I have no words. Check out the video, it’s beautifully shot. I love the coffee cream shot and the way they capture the perfect emotion on the bartender’s face at various times throughout. Perfection.


City and Colour-The Girl: Just try not to tap your toes to this one. Also, they use my favorite spelling of colour, so extra points for that.


Dawn Mitschele-Quietly Determined: There was a young lady from Rumson who made a video with Sandy footage and she used this song at the perfect moment. I thank her for it because my playlist is now loaded with Dawn Mitschele that I’m not sure how I ever lived without. Her voice is amazing. Like, really amazing. This video is live and it sounds enhanced. That’s how good she is. I love all her songs, but this is my favorite. Song starts about 1:45 in.


The Tallest Man on Earth-There’s No Leaving Now: Lovely. Slow and lovely.

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