Gifts that Literally Keep Giving: 1000Shillings

Photo Credit: 1000Shillings

 This is Elizabeth. Elizabeth lives in Uganda and supports her six children by selling vegetables at the Namatala market. This is a hard way to make a living as the product doesn’t stay fresh for long and there is stiff competition. Imagine having to feed and clothe your kids off the money made selling vegetables at a market every day. Imagine how hard that would be, not knowing if you can even do enough every day. Now look at Elizabeth’s smile and know that all she wants in life for her children is that they will “eat well, dress well, and get a good education.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help Elizabeth and women like her ensure these things? Wouldn’t it be extra great if you could help support Elizabeth while also procuring a beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself or someone else you love. (You see where this is going don’t you?)

I bet you’re shocked to hear I can tell you just how to do that. This year, when you’re trolling the internet for the perfect gift, head on over to The women who founded 1000 Shillings have a few incredible goals. I’ll let you read for yourself from their website.

 “When you buy from 1000 Shillings your money is going to help the women we work with start their own small businesses with the ultimate goal of empowering them to stand alone as small business owners. The goal of 1000 Shillings is that you get to know the woman you are buying from, and then, through purchasing her products, you help her to become a self-sufficient businesswoman that is able to support her family.

So if you go to the 1000 Shillings website and purchase an original, one of a kind, Elizabeth necklace, then you’re not only cool enough to own (or gift) an awesome and unique piece of jewelry, but you’ve helped Elizabeth on the path to financial freedom that we all deserve. That’s the great thing about 1000 Shillings, your contribution isn’t just “charity”.  It is an investment in the future of the world. If we can find a way to provide something for women to build themselves up, what could be better than that? Oh yeah, maybe getting a cool piece of art in the process. If you’re not all full up on Global Giving gift cards and you still have some stockings to stuff, head over to 1000 Shillings and help a woman start a business today.

Think about that? How would you rather spend your money this holiday-supporting the fine people of your local department stores, or buying a gift that gives to many?

Just make sure you get there before me, or this Elizabeth necklace might just be gone!


I wrote this piece a member of the Global Team of 200, a specialized group of Mom Bloggers for Social Good members, who focus on maternal health, children, hunger, and women and girls.

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