Talky-Talk Tuesday: A Month of Gratitude

A few years ago, frustrated by the over-Christmasing of November, I started a little tradition here on this blog where the week before Thanksgiving, I wrote every day about something I was grateful for. It seemed quaint at the time. We were struggling financially and so I was really making an effort to focus on what we had instead of all we were without.

This movement-being grateful-has taken on a life of its own on these interwebs. There are tons of bloggers doing these types of posts now and I’ve even seen people updating facebook every day with what they’re thankful for. It’s great. I have loved it up to now and in the wake of all that has been lost recently, I am extra jazzed to take this project on again. I realize, it’s more than a week from Thanksgiving, but it seems to me, now more than ever, it is a time to find what we are grateful to have.

So, watch the video and see what I’m grateful for today. Then, share in the comments what you’re happy to have in your life today. I promise, it will make your day a little bit brighter.

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