Fun or Crazy Neurotic MVM/DIY Friday


I was going to write about how I finished the dining room DIY pie safe project, and started unpacking china to put in it. But then, the act of unpacking my china had me reflecting on how every time over the last ten years I have committed to a house (hanging pictures, unpacking china) something happens and we have to move which of course meant anxiety and panic set in. So, if I write about it I’ve suddenly turned fun Friday into crazy-neurotic girl Friday and that’s not nearly as fun, not to mention the lack of alliteration. So, this is a very long way of saying it’s back to music for me. When in doubt, bring in a ,IIN-van mix!
This is what’s in my ear this week-a warning, it’s all over the place musically.  Enjoy my crazy-neurotic girl mix! (See what I did there? Sneaky huh?)


After (almost-still need pressed tin in the doors) with the China that nearly undid me.

Dave Matthews: If Only- Sometimes a girl just needs to feel 20 again. 


Lumineers-Ho, Hey- There could be some heartfelt deep explanation with these lyrics, but seriously, it’s just fun-especially in a car full of kids, to yell out Ho Hey over and over again!


Kip Moore: Beer Money- Also, fun. Maybe there is a common thread here… I need to get out more, possibly with carefree gentlemen.




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