UNICEF’s Trick Or Treat Campaign: Making Halloween a Little Less Greedy

I hate Halloween. I know, I know, I’m the worst parent in the world. I’m sad to say this is the truth and has been since I was a little kid. I never had the right costume. No one in my house was creative enough to make anything cool and while it may have been fun in school, very few of my friends lived in my neighborhood so the trick-or-treating left something to be desired too.

Now, as a parent it represents everything I struggle to control-junk food and entitlement. I hate the way my kids get wild-eyed and crazy whenever candy is present. And the costumes? Oh don’t get me started on the costumes. I’m still not creative and now there are hundreds of pre-made costumes to buy but that just means, with three kids, an extra chunk of the budget for something that lasts one night (if you’re lucky!).

Of course, I don’t let on any of my Halloween Bah-Humbug to my kids. I search for costumes. I cut and paint faces and take pictures and walk in the parade with a smile on my face so that they enjoy themselves and everyone wins in the end.

BUt this year, I’ve found a way to make myself feel better for the greedy buckets of candy that make their way back to my house. This year the kids will not only ask for treats, but they’ll collect any donations they can for UNICEF.

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is one of the longest-running youth volunteer initiatives in America. For 62 years, it has helped motivate kids to become active global citizens while teaching the fundamental value of helping others.”

I’m all for motivating my kids to become active global citizens-why not do it on Halloween?

It’s simple, they’ll carry, along with their treat sacks, one of these cute little collection boxes and ask door to door for change as well as or instead of treats. Then I’ll collect the cash at the end of the night and we’ll send it in so that my kids can help kids around the world have safer, healthier, happier lives.

Now that’s a treat I can get behind.

Watch the video to see how your kids can help this Halloween. You can also visit the website to order your own boxes and start taking the tricks out of trick or treat.

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