Storm Warning

We’re about to be trapped in our house for four days and we’re all on edge hoping that the power stays on, our basement stays dry and our trees stay firmly rooted in the ground. All the storm prep and news of the storm prep has done a number on my anxiety levels. I’m trying to hold it together for my kiddoes but I sure would love to curl up in my bed for three days and hide.

For now, we’ll stock our pantry and get as much done as we can that requires power.

We’ve had a lot go on the last few days as a family and as a business that I’m dying to share with you. But for now, I need to get back to baking and candle lighting. If you have power, I’m over at KidzVuz Parents’ Blog as well as Just Be Enough this week so you can get your fill of my mug. As for Right Hand Mom, we’ll see what Sandy brings.

Stay safe. IF there is power, I’ll be back soon.


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