Hurricane Conversations

We’re all home, including The Husband. Though he is mostly working, I have popped over for a word or two throughout the day. It was shortly after I discovered that I was his “big plan” for the hurricane that I thought it might be funny to chronicle what was happening around here during Hurricane Sandy.

So far:

We Started with this:

Me: (Addressing husband working on laptop.) You don’t seem at all concerned about what’s going on. What about when it gets worse later?
Husband: I have a plan.
Me: You do? You have an emergency preparedness plan. What is it?
Husband: silence.
Me: It’s being married to me isn’t it? That’s your big plan marry the planner?
Kevin: some people just have to think long-range.


Me: Man, this is starting to look even more scary.

Husband: Yeah, we’re in this for a while.

Me: I’m afraid we don’t have enough wine.

Husband: What? We were in the fifteen case zone.

Me: Yeah, we aren’t in the fifteen case income bracket. I chose to spend our money to feed out children.

Husband: Well, then I guess you’ll have to live with the consequences.


And this:

Me: NYC schools are closed tomorrow guess that means you’re home again for another day.

Husband: Maybe.

Me: Maybe? They only shut schools when there is zero transportation which means the city is pretty much shut down but you think you’re job is so important you’ll have to brave the elements? What’re you, Super PR Guy to the rescue?

Long pause while he tries to think of reason why, yes, he is Super PR guy to the rescue.

Husband (Resigned): Yeah, I guess it’s PR, not ER.

Oh and of course…

Husband: I can’t son, I’m working (glaring at me) or at least trying to.

Me: What? No one is doing anything we’re just sitting in the same room as you are we that distracting?

Husband: This one just licked me.

Me: Oh, perhaps we should move.


As kids dance around couch where he tries to work…

Husband: Have you no control around here?

Me: Seriously? No. Especially not when you’re home.  You’re just figuring this out?

And of course, the kids get in on the action too. 

Me: I thought you guys were going to rent Madagascar 3.

Youngest: But it costs $4.99

Me: That’s ok you can do it today.

Youngest: Yes, I love hurricanes.


And in case you need more laughs-My favorite part of storms, Mayor Bloomberg speaks Spanish.


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