Role Reversal

The Husband had to take the kids to a birthday party Sunday. I love when He has to do “mom” things. It’s not that he’s not capable, of course he is. It’s just fun to watch him realize there is never just one layer to anything in this job.

Sunday morning The Middle One had a party. I was all set to take him but then I got a last minute call to be a substitute CCD teacher. (No, the irony is not lost on me and I probably should have said no, but I can’t as I adore the woman in charge of our church CCD and I know, since I “resigned”  she only calls me when she’s in a complete bind.) So off I was to teach young people about a church I’m deeply questioning which means The Husband has to take all three kids to a party at the local gymnastics school.

I get a text from him saying another mom has offered to take The Girl home with her to play. He’s thrilled. “How nice it is to have friends that we trust enough to just send our kids home with them.” He said.

I texted back, that this was so true and then asked if he was taking home our friend’s child from the party in return.

“No, but I should have volunteered. Can you text B and let her know and then apologize for me being an idiot?”

I did, all of those things (I left out the idiot part. She is a mom-that is implied.) and then called him back to apprise him of the current situation only to overhear him offering to take one other boy home. Now he was on a roll with the parenting favors!

“Do you have seats for all these kids?”

I could almost hear the wheels spinning as he tried to map out where everyone would safely sit in the van.

“I got it. It’s worked out. We’ll see you soon.”

So off to dress for church I was, but not before 0ne final text exchange:

The Husband: “Thanks. This is so much harder than PR.”

Me: “This IS PR!”

TH: “True, but the rules are much different.”

Oh, honey, you have no idea.

I’m sure he’s thrilled to be back at work today.


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  1. MRitz says

    I assume the kid got to their respective friends houses, the others were safley buckled in when the drove back to yours. No injuries occured. No lives were lost. No life altering scars were produced. . A good time was had by all and the father was able to have a beer on the porch in the nice weather according to face book. . I harken back to those days when the Uncle contantly tried to explain to the Aunt that just because things are done differently doesnt mean they are being done wrong! Alas just like the intractable catholic church it was mere folly that the Uncle spoke.