Purex Crystals Review and Giveaway

One of the roles I’ve taken on recently is that of Purex Insider. What the heck is that you ask? It basically means I get a sneak peak at new products and innovations from Purex. I know I tout all natural products but when we were dead broke, some of these products were beyond our means. However, my kids have inherited super sensitive and super dry skin so being budget conscious didn’t mean I could abandon purity entirely.  I relied on Purex to wash my kids clothes. The detergent I used was dye and fragrance free and thankfully, agreed with my sensitive boys’ skin and my wallet. I stuck with my all natural fabric softener.

I’ll admit I kind of missed the yummy clean laundry smell of old fashioned detergents and fabric softeners so when Purex announced their new Complete Crystals fabric softeners I was excited to try. They’re not fragrance free, so eco-purists might wag their fingers at me. Purex does claim to be 92% natural and they’ve long been a leader in Earth friendly practices and product ingredients so I felt good about getting behind this new line.

These Crystals go in at the beginning of the cycle, dissolve in water and infuse your clothes-unlike oily fabric softener and sheets that leave a slick layer on top. They are safe for flame retardent kids’ clothes and sports performance gear. Best part? My kids’ skin reacts just fine. It doesn’t hurt that they smell dreamy too!

If you want to try Purex Complete Crystals for free, leave a comment to win a free bottle. Want to double your chances? “Like” Right Hand Mom on Facebook.

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