Holiday Cards Gone Wild

The other day we took the kids to an incredible park near the beach. It was a perfectly lit sunny day and I love a good park picture

so of course I brought my camera. 
As they were running to the car I noticed this:

Yep, matching sweaters. I’m not sure why but they all decided they wanted to dress alike. Of course, you know where my mind went right? Beach+Sunny Day+Matching Sweaters=Holiday Card.

I never plan a holiday picture because whenever I do, they’re terrible. All of my cards have had random snapshots of kids because that’s when they look best. You’d think I would have learned my lesson by now, but no. I insisted on beach pictures, ignoring the tornado like wind and hoping for the best. We wandered down the path

and noticed a patch of sea grass right on the edge of the fence that would be PERFECT. I sat them and shot away. Did I mention the tornado like winds and the subsequent sandstorm? Yeah.
They were troopers, but of 132 pictures we got nothin’. Here are some of the highlights! Enjoy for fun Friday.

Good to see Spidey came to the shoot

Can you hear her? Her smile says, “For the love of all things holy mom put down the damn camera.”

Big kids covering eyes, G escaping to his happy place.

Now they’re just pissed. These might be the “I will cut” you faces.

Yep, not even trying anymore. Rude. “Security.”

Shoulda just stuck with park pictures, clearly that’s what I do best.

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  1. Aunt Julie says

    I of course think they are all adorable!! They capture who all three of them perfectly. I expect to see one of these on my card along with the captions:) Love & miss you guys.

  2. Anonymous says

    I spent 3 hours and a gazillion pictures trying to come up with Juliette's birth announcement in her cute little tutu. No go…the next day Mark was just holding her and poof the perfect picture. Isn't that always the way. It was fun trying though! It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to get the Christmas card shot. I like the pictures you posted. All 3 so adorable!