Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

At the risk of losing every readers who has ever come here, I’m just going to say it: I hope Tiger Woods does well this weekend. Don’t worry, all is not forgotten and certainly I mostly still think he is despicable. My reasons for wishing him success are two fold. First, if we are going to have to hear about him every single solitary day, I’d rather it be news about his bogeys or birdies instead of his Chippies.
The real reason I hope for his success is that I think it will only be when he restores his golf glory that we will get the true story about whether he is indeed sorry or just sorry he got caught. I have to say his first apology, while completely canned and emotionless, got me thinking maybe he was actually close to rock bottom. Then his demeanor this week has actually seemed slightly grateful and just a little humble. I believe in second chances but only if you are truly seeking a better way for yourself and you spend a good deal of time repenting and working on who you are to ensure no repeat performances.
I think Tiger can only prove he is truly sorry AFTER he has returned to the to his former stardom on the links. After all, it’s easy to be down and out when you’re actually down and out. When he is back to competitive and strong and on top of the world he will have to work hard on humble. Then and only then will we see his true character. When he is a winner, can he continue to suppress feeling “entitled”? I can’t wait to see.
So I will watch The Master’s this weekend-much to my husband’s surprise. I will cheer for Tiger, maybe even to win. Because, if he wins and continues to maintain his new found gratitude and humble demeanor; if he wins and disappears until the next tournament (presumably to work on himself and his marriage or at the very least take care of his kids); if he wins and we don’t see him again until he is on the course next time- then really, don’t we all win?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I can't wait to see what sign the private plane flys over with each day and will ESPN or CBS show it during the live broadcast. Also who is fronting the bill for it. I am sure that will come out at some point. I hope its Edlin.

    Studying "Bootyism". How great is that.