Why Can’t Every Day Be Like This?

Today is the first day of Easter Vacation (I can call it Easter vacation because my kids go to Catholic School now.) and so far it is glorious.


It started with my kids sleeping a bit later and then helping themselves to a little Disney Channel so I could watch Matt Lauer from my bed. There was some early bickering but I stopped it by reminding them they had eleven days together and if they didn’t figure out how to get along then we were going to spend a lot of time alone in our rooms. It worked.


We did grocery shopping with little incident-if you don’t count Griffin’s first attempted robbery when he helped himself to an apple without me noticing. The great part was the apple kept him quiet throughout the entire trip. So worth the extra 69 cents!


Right now, I am blogging at my outside table while the older two are making cookies from crazy dough we colored ourselves. Who the heck do I think I am, Ms. UNcrafty, making cookie dough? No worries though, I’m sure they will taste terrible so my rep will stay intact.


I almost forgot, Kevin is coming home early (which means at the time most normal people come home from work) and his cousin Eileen and her daughter Christie Lee (is that the coolest name or what?!?) dropped off dinner, wine and goodie bags for the kids. I mean really, thank God my sisters are coming tomorrow (and we have a baby sitter!) because Saturday would be sure to stink after a day like this.

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